Friday, April 26, 2013

tired of waiting

Dear Fickle Fanny,

Do you every grow tired of waiting for your dreams to happen?

Well let me be honest. Most would say you should not wait for your dream to happen you should just MAKE them happen. Sadly that can not always be the case. What if you are waiting for a suitor to court you? Or waiting for the plus sign on a pregnancy test that never seems to give you the plus only the minus, the empty reality to ones dreams come true.

Most days I can keep my chin up. March on like a happy little soldier, knowing that my life is a gift for the one true living God, and just keep marching. Then comes a waive of emotions and days when the dreams you are waiting on to come true aren't and you can not stay in the holding pattern another SECOND LONGER. What then?


My dreams.wife.stay at home.homeschooling.momma.creative lady. with a little time to do and sew.exercise. have women over for coffee.

I can almost pull it off but the one that hurts the most is the one with not getting to spend as much time with my daughter as I had dared to dream of when she was snuggled safe beneath my skin. In that department I am utterly broken but daily march on thanking God that my darling is my darling and every second we can squeeze out of the day we do.

The answer is YES. I grow weary. I keep marching on. Mostly I often pray to the Lord above like a kid. When I'm happy I pray about it. When I'm sad I pray about it. When I'm broken I left up my empty hands and just cry but they are lifted up to HIM and it is an act of worship and understanding that HE sees me. He loves me and HE has a plan for me and my daughter. And right now I'm just not meant to see the plan that HE is unfolding. I'm just meant to keep trusting. Sometimes grow weary. Lean on HIM. and MARCH ON!

Friday, February 22, 2013

the ever changing mind of hair

Dear Fickle Fanny...

What do you suggest when you can NOT make up your mind about your hairstyle?


I once had a friend tell me that women change their hairstyles often when they feel like the rest of their lives are out of control. However, I personally believe that in certain seasons of our lives when the texture and color of hair changes naturally, we tend to freak out. Thus causing us to try to "find" ourselves in hairstyles. Personally if I could just grow my hair out longer I would be happy. However, I usually freak out at about shoulder length. This year the freaking out also included changing my hair color. Oh my. Well Summer is coming and with that my hair will fade naturally and then I might feel more at home in my own skin.

Fickle Fanny's Favorite Hair

What did I do??

Right after my daughter was born

Just not styled well.

The winner... Long with natural hair and highlights... No real bangs maybe swooped to the side and my hair looks good pulled back with some sunshine on my cheeks.

Thank you Fickle Fanny!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Fickle Fanny,

What is one of the best books you've ever read that changed how you lived?

What a wonderful question. One of the books that changed my life was, "French Women Don't Get Fat."

So while I was looking on their Facebook page the other day I saw where someone had commented on the page about a cookbook called, "The Little French Kitchen." So I began to dig and what I found was a lovely treasure, a diamond in the cyber rough.

French inspired cooking from a tiny kitchen in Paris.

I am inspired.

From the cooking channel website for Rachel Khoo I copied a list of what every little french Kitchen should keep stocked in their pantry:

Olive Oil
Chicken Broth
Canned Whole plum tomatoes
Canned & Dried Beans and Lentils
Rice (long grain white)
Dijon Mustard
Gruyere Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Cream Fleurette
Cream Fraiche
Cooking Wine

Dear Fickle Fanny....

Are you going to purchase these items for your pantry?

Yes, I am. I love the idea of a well stocked pantry. And since my little cottage has one this will be a wonderful list to work from. I also plan on purchasing this cookbook once the snow melts.

One more little note. My favorite thing about the book, "French Women Don't Get Fat," is that you keep a food journal, you walk everyday and once or twice a week you do Ballet or something like it. Eat well, eat a lot of many different things, eat whole foods made from scratch, eat at home, invite others to share your table and enjoy your life. It is a beautiful gift from God.


Dear Fickle Fanny...

Why do you change your mind at times so quickly??